"Eigenart" is digital from 11th of May!

The online magazine will be available on www.eigenart-magazin.de on 11 May.

We need students to talk. With these thoughts in mind, we have started to digitize 'Eigenart', (the student magazine of the AStA of the UdK). 

The online magazine not only contains a new form, but also a new vision. We look at the magazine from a new perspective. That's why we have moved away from the classic categories of the website. The new understanding of 'originality' has given us a new identity and a new design. 

Now the medium functions not only as an art magazine with a theme, but also as a weekly newspaper with current topics. We are combining these two aspects, giving more students the opportunity to have their voice heard. 

You can now use 'Eigenart' every day. To see what art projects your fellow students are working on. To learn about current issues in your student world. To publish your own articles and art projects. The main thing - we create a communication between all of us. 

After all, the University of the Arts is a kind of small world with its own history and development, which needs a platform for freedom of expression just like other worlds. 

We are looking forward to the 11th of May to show you our work of the last months and to continue together.