If you have any questions about the budget or the use of funds, please contact the department of finance.

The AStA has its own budget. Each semester, all students pay 9.20 euros as student body contributions, so that the money can be used to support projects, publish publications and pay expenses for staff. With 3550 students, the student body thus has approximately 65,000 euros at its disposal per year. Similar to the Bundestag, the StuPa adopts a budget plan in which it is determined how much money is to be spent. For example, the StuPa has planned 8,000 euros for the production of the student magazine. The AStA then decides on the concrete use of the 8,000 euros and has to report to the StuPa. 

After a financial year has ended, a final invoice is drawn up. This, together with the receipts, is submitted to an independent auditing company, which checks whether all legal provisions have been complied with. The most important of these is the principle of economic efficiency. The AStA must obtain at least three comparative offers for all expenses over 150 euros and decide on the most favourable one. If the audit is positive, the AStA applies to the StuPa for discharge. By granting discharge, the StuPa expresses its confidence in the AStA on the one hand and relieves the responsible speakers* of personal liability on the other. 

In addition, the State Audit Office carries out an additional audit every few years and takes a very close look at all AStA receipts and accounts for one to two weeks.  

In addition to the student body's household, there is a second household - the one for the semester ticket. This household will directly receive your semester ticket fees, which will then be transferred to the VBB, as well as an administration fee of 2.60 euros from the summer semester 2018, which will be used to pay for the semester ticket office (staff*, office supplies, postage, etc.).