Emergency operation of UdK due to Covid-19 pandemic

Due to the current situation around the coronavirus the meetings of AStA, StuPa and FSRK will take place digitally. The exact procedures are being developped at the moment, but we will inform you as soon as possible about how we continue working. Stay healthy and stay home!


General Students' Committee

During the semester AStA is meeting every Monday. All students are warmly invited to attend the public part of the meetings, if you have specific topics please contact a AStA member before.

Meetings during Winter Term 2019/20:
Every Monday, 6:00 p.m., Hardenbergstraße 33, Room 9d

Consultations for Social Affairs:
Thursdays 8–10 a.m., Hardenbergstraße 33, Room 9d


Students' Parliament

StuPa is meeting once a month during lecture period. Irregular meetings will be announced here.

Meetings in the election period 2019/20:
Wednesdays at 18:00 in room 9, Hardenbergstraße 33 on 
11 Dec 2019 – 15 Jan 2020 – 05 Feb 2020 – 22 Apr 2020 – 13 Mai 2020 – 10 Jun 2020 – 08 Jul 2020 – 28 Oct 2020 – 18 Nov 2020


Student Councils' Conference (FSRK)

FSRK is meeting at least two times per semester.
Next meeting:
t.b.a., room 9, Hardenbergstraße 33

Eigenart Open CaLL 2.0

01.04.20 • admin_asta

Open CaLL 2.0 until April 7th! Eigenart is looking for your content on the topic 'Boundless in times of the Coronavirus'. What are your impulses for the current situation?

Send us your texts of all kinds, photo series, illustrations, videos etc. to kommunikation@asta-udk-berlin.de.

Ideas and inspirations for a climate-friendly quarantine

31.03.20 • admin_asta

UdKFF hat im Instagramm eine spandende Kampagne angefangen, um die Ideen für eine klimagerechte Selbst-Isolation mitzuteilen. Euch erwarten tägliche Posts mit Informationen und Inspirationen rund um das Thema Klimakrise, sowie Ideen für klimafreundliche Projekte, die ihr zuhause durchführen könnt. 

Emergency contacts for mental stress during corona measures

30.03.20 • admin_asta • Corona

Dealing with the corona pandemic and the measures associated with it are a major challenge for all of us. For many, the associated fears and worries represent an increasing psychological burden. For this reason, the Faculty of Fine Arts, in consultation with the company doctor, has compiled a list of emergency contacts and advice centres that you can turn to if you need help and support yourself or for others. Still much strength and confidence!

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Bündnis Soforthilfe für Studierende

27.03.20 • admin_asta • Corona

The AStA of the UdK Berlin supports Bündnis Soforthilfe für Studierende n connection with the petition. 

For students who find themselves in a financial emergency situation due to loss of income, the federal government must provide immediate aid of 3000 euros from 30 March onwards without a prior means test.

In the event of subsequent determination of need, the Federal Government will bear the costs of the emergency aid. In the case of non-neediness, the payment is converted into an interest-free loan which is due at the end of 10 years.

It has been suggested that a disbursement of the money should be handled in an uncomplicated manner via the KfW online procedure. The system must be fully functional and accessible by 30 March at the latest so that affected students can pay their running costs at the beginning of April. 

More information at: https://studi-soforthilfe-corona.org/

Sign the petition at: https://www.openpetition.de/petition/online/soforthilfe-fuer-studierende-jetzt

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