General Students' Committee

During the semester AStA is meeting every Monday 20 o’clock in room 9D, Hardenbergstraße 33. 
All students are warmly invited to attend the public part of the meetings.

Meetings during Winter term 2018/19:

Monday 6 pm


Students' Parliament

Das StuPa tagt einmal im Monat während der Vorlesungszeit. Außerordentliche Sitzungen werden hier angekündigt.
Die nächste Sitzung des Studierendenparlaments findet am 24.04.2019 um 18.00 im Bundesallee (Raum folgt) statt.

We are searching for people for next Eigenart!

We are looking for people for next Eigenart! Apply now to kommunikation@asta-udk-berlin.de. You may attach your portfolio + CV if you wish, but not a must. All Students from all faculties are welcomed to join! Deadline: 31st March 2019


Student Councils' Conference (FSRK)

FSRK is meeting at least two times per semester.
Next meeting:
30.01.2019 at  6pm room 9

Project applications : Vernetzung

CampusGärten Charlottenburg

21.03.19 • admin_asta

CampusGarden Charlottenburg Urban Agriculture at the TU and UdK Berlin

For detailed information, please refer to the attached PDF file. (Only in German)

Project seminars "CampusGärten Charlottenburg - Urbane Landwirtschaft in Lehre, Forschung & Praxis" is about the implementation and expansion of a network of productive campus gardens on the Charlottenburg campus of the Technical University and the University of the Arts Berlin for the sustainable use of the site in the sense of an edible campus. The aim is to implement a future-oriented use component of the campus and to consolidate the innovative topic of urban agriculture in teaching and research.

CampusGärten and CampusDachGärten consisting of raised beds, pergolas, arcaded seats and façade greening elements on the Charlottenburg campus will be created for this purpose and managed on a long-term basis by neighbouring departments, employees and student groups (CampusGärten sponsorships).

Insect and wild bee hotels as well as bird nesting boxes are integrated to further promote biodiversity. In addition, possibilities are to be created to cultivate edible mushrooms on the campus.


Probably this Friday or Saturday the group will start to screw the raised beds together. The group urgently need your further help with parts production, assembling and setting up the new raised beds, benches & tables on the TU campus.

The next week will mainly be screwed together, in the first week of April the new raised beds will be planted and the benches will be set up. 

21 March 2019 (Thursday): 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. 
22. March 2019 (Friday) 10-19 o'clock and on Saturday 14-19 o'clock ! 
who helps with the building can then choose a campus raised bed for gardening ;-) 

Besides coffee and tea, the group will also have beer in the SE building at the start of the construction of the raised beds. 

WERKSTATT in the SE building - map (or graphic in the appendix): https://www.openstreetmap.org/#map=18/52.51098/13.32909

Please bring tools & material with you: 

( ) Hand tools and/or tool box 
( ) Chop saw
( ) Drilling machines
( ) cordless screwdrivers/ bits 
( ) Jigsaw
( ) Circular hand saw
( ) Hand grinder/ sandpaper 
( ) Cable drum/ cable 
( ) Measuring tape/ folding rule
( ) Angle
( ) Gardening equipment
( ) Seeds to be preferred 
( ) or bring plants with you. 
( ) Other?

Language Class Summer Semester 2019

06.03.19 • admin_asta

German language is hard to learn, no worries, we all understand.


1) UdK Language Class

UdK Berlin is providing own B2 language class and C1 exam preparation class.

B2 language class:

Attendance fee: 635 Euro  

Only B2-Prüfung: 213 Euro  

3 Raten à 215 Euro

Number of hours:102

Min. number of participants: 20

Max. number of participants: 45

Run period:11.04.2019 – 12.07.2019 Every Monday,

Wednesday and Thursday;

Course no. 1: 14:00 - 16.15

Course no. 2: 16.30 - 18.45

Application Deadline: 08.04.2019


C1 Exam preparation class: (At the moment application deadline is over)


2) SRH Hocschule

UdK Berlin have reached an agreement with the SRH University, which is located at Ernst-Reuter-Platz 10, that our students can attend the German courses there if there are any remaining places. (Update on 7th March: : There are only remaining places in the SRH for our students in the B2 and C1 courses)

Levels: all (A1-C1)

In a semester course, half a language level can be reached, e.g. B2.1.

Number of hours: 4,5h per week

Costs: 90 EUR

https://www.srh-hochschule-berlin.de/de/studium/sprachkurse/deutschkurse/ Students should not use the registration form on the website, but send an e-mail to Nathalie Vogelwiesche, head of the language centre:

languages.hsbe@srh.de The mail should mention the language level and that the student is a UdK student

We are searching for people for next Eigenart!

05.03.19 • admin_asta

We are looking for people for next Eigenart! Apply now to kommunikation@asta-udk-berlin.de. You may attach your portfolio + CV if you wish, but not a must. All Students from all faculties are welcomed to join! Deadline: 31st March 2019

Student Parliament (stuPa) election 2018: official result

12.12.18 • admin_asta

Das Studierendenparlament besteht grundsätzlich aus 30 Mitgliedern. Wie viele Sitze auf die Listen entfallen, ergibt sich aus den durch das Hare/Niemeyer-Verfahren berechneten Quoten. Die Sitze werden an diejenigen Bewerber:innen vergeben, die die meisten Einzelstimmen erhalten haben.
 Bei Stimmengleichheit entscheidet die Platzierung auf der Liste. Das Wahlergebnis führt dazu, dass 8 Sitze unbesetzt bleiben, da bloß 22 Personen sich zur Wahl aufstellen lassen haben.

gez. Studentischer Wahlvirstand der UdK Berlin, 12.12.2017 — StudWV c/o AStA UdK Berlin, Hardenbergstraße 33, Raum 9d, D-10623 Berlin