Butterbutter-projekt <OPEN CALL> ఇ 2020

For asian artist in Berlin!
APPLY NOW!!!! ༼ ༎ຶ ෴ ༎ຶ༽

<Butterbutter-projekt> is an online platform based project against racism happening in the time of Pandemic caused by COVID-19, which began with the five Korean artists in Berlin, using the German idiom ‘Alles in Butter (= Everything is okay)' as a slogan. We are collecting each voices of an Asian Community living in Berlin about racism in their real lives.

The goal of this project is to collect racist experiences that individuals feel as Asians in Berlin. Even a bit weird, creative imagination is welcome. Please check the website for more information.

[Eligibility for application]
Asian artist living in Berlin (everyone is an artist, you know)

[Link for Project Application] https://forms.gle/mox4kML4bxysxmzu8

[Project homepage ] https://butterbutterprojekt.com

[Project related information]
There is 5 euros of butter grants and we try to collect the work of as many artists as possible. The application also asks what you will do with butter, to avoid overlapping with other artists. In addition, after the project online platform, we will endeavor to continue the project such as publishing, and we will announce it individually in the future.

[Application duration]
Application duration ~ 15.06.2020
Complete work and upload online 01.07.2020

[Questions] santanchoi@gmail.com